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Wuhan HuaQuan Energy Saving Board & Equipment Technology Research Co.,LTD, belonging to Wuhan Daquan Group
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November 2014, DAQUAN sent engineers to supervice ener...
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HuaQuan provide Best Energy-saving Wall materials for you
Higher Quality, Better Price

HuaQuan New wall panel
Upgrade China ECO-friendly wall building industry.

The wall material of Huaquan fire-proof, anti-impact wall panel system can reach to China A-grade national standard, with superior stability, integrity, fire-proof performance,
can control flame and gas in fire area, which upgrade China ECO-Friendly wall building industry.

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Head Office Address: 15th Floor, Block 2, SBI St, Dongxin Rd, East Lake Hi-Technology Development Zone, Wuhan, Hubei, China
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